If you have one of the following problems with the signotec PDF creator when installing or using signoSign/2...

  • Error message during/after installation
  • "Signotec PDF Creator" printer is not available
  • After printing, the program is called "PDFCreator"

... this is probably due to an already installed version of PDFCreator and its configuration or a not uninstalled version.

Solution 1

Perhaps the profile was not created properly and / or set as the standard profile for the printer. To do this manually, we have created a simple guide for you.

Solution 2

Make sure to backup your signoSign/2 configration before proceeding!

Please uninstall signoSign/2 and the PDF Creator from within the Windows control panel > programs. 

After uninstallation (even if unsuccessful) please execute this script

Error messages might occur during the process if the driver has already been uninstalled successfully.

Please restart your computer and re-install signoSign/2 with the signotec PDF Creator.