When opening documents from the Document Pool or opening shared documents, the following message appears:

"A document is already open. Please close the currently open document and try again."

This prevents another document from being opened.


signoSign/Universal allows you to open one document at a time. A parallel processing of documents is not possible.

If all further processes have already been completed and the message persists, there could be a problem in the network communication.


Complete any ongoing operations before opening additional documents. This applies to normal processes as well as shared documents (sharing cases).

If all processes have already been completed, please check your browser settings.

In the first place, an incorrectly configured proxy server, which prevents the required Websocket licensecheck, can be held responsible for this behavior. In this case, please enter "" as an exception in the configuration of your proxy server. If you do not have access to the configuration of the proxy server, please contact your administrator.