In order to verify if the signature pad is working in general, please download the following demo application:
After you have downloaded the demo application, please unzip it and run the included TestApp.exe.
  1. In the case of a HID-USB signature pad, you should be able to enter a signature directly via Start.
    In the case of FTDI and IP-Ethernet signature pads, please select Configure Search first and select the correct connection type before you start the search with Get Devices.
    Please note that in case of an FTDI signature pad, the corresponding FTDI driver has to be installed:
    If a pad is found, you can select Open Device 1 to establish the connection. 
  2. Then click on Start to start the signature process.
  3. After you have confirmed the dialog, you can sign.
  4. Confirm your signature on the signature pad
If the signature pad cannot be found according to these instructions or if it is not possible to sign, there is probably a hardware problem.
You can use the following form to register a repair or return: