After opening the signed document with Adobe Acrobat Reader, do you get the warning "There are problems with at least one signature"?

In this case, a certificate was used for signing, which was classified by Adobe as not trustworthy or could not be completely verified. Therefore, the identity of the signer is "unknown" and Adobe displays a warning.

There is the following way to bypass this warning:

  • You add the signature certificate manually to the trustworthy certificates (must be done at each recipient).

    You can do this as follows:

    "Right click on a signature > Show signature properties... > Show issuer's certificate... > Trustworthiness > Add to trusted certificates...".

    Please confirm all dialogs with OK and verify the signature again. Now the message "Signed and all signatures are valid" should appear.

    This setting can also be configured company-wide, e.g. via a domain.

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