Why there are no wireless signature pads is actually very simple. There are two primary factors for this:

  • Security
    Basically, no wireless standard is secure enough to meet the security requirements of a signature pad. Both Bluetooth and WLAN have large security gaps at regular intervals and thus offer an attack surface.

  • Power supply
    In addition to the topic 'safety' in the connection, there is the well-known problem with rechargeable batteries, because the installation of a rechargeable battery brings with it many hurdles. On the one hand there are safety-relevant issues (battery safety) and on the other hand the handling in everyday life, because the battery has to be charged easily and quickly in order to be able to use the device. In addition, battery wear is still a problem and means that the devices need new batteries in the medium to long term.

Basically, you have to know and understand that signature pads should offer the highest possible security. It is very difficult to combine this topic with the "wireless" requirement at very high cost. This would mean that the products would either no longer be secure or would be significantly more expensive.

For these reasons and other factors, we, as a sustainable company, have decided against the production of wireless signature pads.

If you want a wireless solution, we offer software products for mobile devices. More information can be found under the menu item Mobile Signing.