When capturing a new signature, an error message may appear informing about an expired signature certificate.


For older versions, this error message may also be "The signature was unable to be inserted into the document. Reason: _GetPublicKeyInfoMemory_ for PFXPublic failed!" or "The signature was unable to be inserted into the document.  Reason: GetPublicKeyInfoMemory failed!" read.


When creating certificates, an expiry date for the validity must be specified. The signature certificate that was delivered with signoSign/2 up to setup version 10.10.5 is valid until 21.07.21. A new certificate must be created and configured so that signoSign/2 can continue to be used.


You have the option of renewing your certificate yourself at any time. You can do this under: Tools > Configuration > Signature settings > Certificate settings > Certificate for Adobe DigSig signatures.

This process is also described in detail in the manual in chapter 2.4.4. You can call up the manual from signoSign/2 or from our product page on our website.

If you also receive the error message "The signature was unable to be inserted into the document. Reason: _GetPublicKeyInfoMemory_ for PFXCryptBio failed! ", the certificate for biometric data must also be renewed.

Important: The certificate you generate there is technically identical and not "worse" than the one we deliver in the standard package!

Alternatively, our technicians can also carry out this service for you via remote maintenance. In this case, please send us the completed confirmation of cost coverage.