You want to sign a document but the Sign button is deactivated.


This can have different reasons:

1. The document that is open does not contain any signature fields.

2. The corresponding document type could not be determined.

3. The interactive signing mode is not activated (is only used if the signature device signotec Delta is configured when the option is activated).


The solutions listed correspond to the order the reasons given:

1.1 Create manually a signature field by using the function "Create signature field". See image ¹ below. The option "Only allow the signing of existing signature fields" in the document type administration (General) must not be activated.

1.2 Create a document type for the opened document and configure signature fields for it.

1.3 Use an external application like Adobe to create outside signoSign/2 signature fields.

2. Please check in the footer of the signoSign/2 window which document type was determined. See image ² below. Please check what differences there are between the template and the opened document (e. g. a mismatch for the identification definitions or search terms for the signature fields). 

3. Activate the option interactive signing mode in corresponding document type (signature fields settings) and make sure you use a signotec Delta.